behind the scenes

Most of the cast and crew of Agent Steele after a long day of shooting at The Cicada restaurant, recognized by many from the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

Assistant Director Regine Richards positioning the actors for the "bomb" scene

Wrap day at our final location with all our agents.

Setting up the opening shot for the restauran scene

Director of Photography Elias Talbot setting up frame.

Getting ready for my cameo.

Looking at the playback for the opening fight sequence with fight choreographer Sebastiano Olla

Directing Aaron Kuban as Tim and his mean boss Eli Kramer in the sitcom trailer "What's your sign?"

Screenshot from the office scene where Tim doesn't get the best news in the world

Tim's grandma does not agree with..well anything really.

Aaron Kuban gets rained on.

Checking frame with Director Of Photography Elias Talbot